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Are You Taking Quotes?

Often when your home experiences a damaging event, your insurance agent will encourage you to get quotes from different restoration companies. We have discussed before how you do not have to get three estimates in order for the insurance company to pay your claim. But if you have different estimates sitting in front of you, how do you decide which company to repair your home? Most people would say use the company that gives the lowest price. However, even if you've compared the estimates line by line, and you are sure you are getting the same work for different amounts, can you be sure you are picking the right contractor just by choosing the lowest estimate?

If the estimated price from another contractor is significantly lower than ours, make sure the contractor has Workers Compensation & General Liability Insurance. Many Contractors work without insurance and this puts you at risk. General Liability protects your home and property if it is damaged or destroyed by contractors while working at your home. Workers Compensation covers contractor’s employees for injury while performing work for their employer. If a contractor does not carry Workers Compensation Insurance, then you could become responsible for an accident or injury that may happen on your property to their employee. Without General Liability Insurance, you could find yourself in a dispute over damages that the contractor or his employees caused, which could cost you legal and additional repair costs.

To eliminate this risk before you choose your contractor or authorize any work, verify insurance coverage and contact their insurance agent to confirm adequate amounts of coverage. We have included our insurance contact information below for your convenience.

Feel free to contact our agent to verify our policies:

Wiggins Insurance Agency

5714 Windsor Drive

Columbus, Ga. 31909


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