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We Love Our Customers, and They Love Us Right Back!

Long Term Relationships Built on Trust

Have you ever had an interaction with a representative from a company that left much to be desired? Perhaps the person just didn't engage with you or appear to be sympathetic to your needs, or maybe they even seemed like they wished they were doing anything else rather than assisting you. It's very likely everyone can recall a situation like this from their experience. Can you recall an experience with customer service where you felt like your needs were being understood, and that the person was truly interested in your complete satisfaction? Sadly, customer service representatives like this can be hard to come by in the business world nowadays.

At Homemaster, we have built many strong relationships over our 34 years of business. In our vocation, we hope to never have to return to your home to assist you, but we have had many satisfied repeat customers over the years. These patrons also recommend us to their friends and family when they need our services for their homes. Homemaster is extremely grateful for satisfied clients and their referrals!

Why do our clients love us and recommend us? Let us count the ways (gotta stay in the Valentine's theme, right?)!

  • Empathy -- In 34 years of business, we have supported our customers through any and all types of damage you could imagine -- water, fire, storm -- you name it! There are also members of our staff that have experienced these things in their own home as well. We know what it is like to sift through the embers of your home to try to find anything that can be recovered.

  • Knowledge -- Our employees are trained in the latest recovery procedures and can confidently walk you through the process of returning your home and possessions to pre-damage condition.

  • Concierge Service -- At Homemaster, we provide a representative to keep in touch with you throughout your repair and restoration and assist you with all of your needs. It's like a spa experience for damage repair!

So during this season where everyone is celebrating love, we at Homemaster wanted to tell all our customers how much we appreciate them. We also wanted to share with everyone how much our customers love us back. Here's a video from one of our happy customers. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Val Staples is a mom, mini-farmer, medical student, and a freelance blogger.

c. 2015

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