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Homemaster's Happy Customer Referral Program

Are you a happy customer?

Homemaster is proud of its many happy customers. If you'd like to hear from some of them, check out the Our Customers page to watch some great video reviews of our services. Homemaster works really hard to ensure a satisfying customer experience. We know that a pleasant experience will encourage people to tell their friends and family, assuring a continued connected relationship.

We use many methods to advertise our business, including this webpage, social media such as Facebook and Twitter, and business pages with Google and Bing. We even have a great Better Business Bureau rating! But, we've recently discovered that a large amount of our current customers come from referrals from our previous happy customers. Word of mouth is a wonderful method of advertising, because people trust the experiences and opinions of their friends and family. So we wanted to make sure that everyone knew about our customer referral program. If you refer someone to our business and we provide restoration services for their home, we will give you a referral reward! Just be sure to tell them to mention you when they call us. We have benefitted from customer referrals, and we want you to benefit as well. Thank you for your business, and for your awesome feedback in the community!

**Referral rewards are released when referred party contracts with Homemaster for restoration services and said services are paid in full.

Val Staples is a mom, mini-farmer, medical student, and a freelance blogger.

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