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Do I Have to Get Three Estimates?

Have you had damage to your home recently due to storms or other events, such as a falling tree?

Your insurance company may suggest getting multiple estimates to find the best price for repairs. Their reasoning is simple: they want to pay the lowest price for the same job — it’s how they stay in business. As far as your checkbook is concerned, you’re only paying the deductible, so it doesn’t matter what it costs, right? Not exactly — you do still have to pay your premium to the insurance company, so it is also in your best interest to find a contractor who will provide an honest estimate.

Think About It

There are many things to consider when hiring a contractor to repair damage to your home. First, owning a home is a large investment, and you want to keep that investment in the best repair possible to retain its value. Hiring a contractor who will provide the best quality workmanship with an exceptional warranty is the best choice for maintaining your investment. Second, you are the one who will be interacting on a regular basis with the contractor you hire, not your insurance adjuster. Do you want some fly-by-night “firetruck chaser” that works out of his pickup truck driving in from who-knows-where to have unlimited access to your home and family? Probably not. You want to hire a locally-owned company that is licensed to work in your state, whose employees are certified drug-free and trained and certified in the latest cutting-edge techniques to restore your home to its former glory. Finally, you want personalized service from a company that is committed to partnering with you to repair the damage in your home. You need a personal assistant who oversees the job from start to finish to ensure that every aspect of the repair is done in a satisfactory manner, and you are satisfied. These are the things that Homemaster provides to each of its customers throughout the restoration process.

It's YOUR Choice!

It is not required to get three estimates for repairing your home in order to receive payment from your insurance company. Most restoration companies use the same estimating software that the insurance companies use to evaluate repairs. This is something that Homemaster provides for its customers to assure that all of your repairs are quantified and catalogued for the insurance company. This way, you can choose a repair company that you trust while being assured that your insurance company will pay the costs. Because, in the end, both the insurance company and your contractor work for you. And that’s the way it should be.

Val Staples is a mom, mini-farmer, medical student, and a freelance blogger.

c. 2015

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